What’s Your Country Size?

In the coming weeks, I’m going to try and blog more. I’ve been out of the country for two weeks and the past week have been recovering the 9 hours I lost flying to Istanbul.

So while on vacation, I tried on clothes. Very interesting. In the US, I’m a size 8 in clothing and a size 9 in shoes. In Turkey, I wore a size 42 in clothes. In Greece, I wore a size 38 and a size 40 in shoes. In Italy I wore a size 46 in pants. I grew frustrated that nothing fit. I tried on 20 pairs and asked the clerk what is up with these narrow cut legs in the pants?! She said, “Model legs.” That’s the Italian cut in all pants . . . “model legs.” Well, in disgust I told her I have “American thighs.”

It’s fun to visit other countries and look at their clothes, but after this experience, I may stick to checking out all the local foods and eating them versus trying to fit into their model clothes.

P.S. The fashion in Italy is tight white linen pants w/o undies or at best, a sheer-nothing thong.


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