What’s In A Name?

So a while ago, I asked for title help for my work in progress. It had to start with ALL to tie in with the three books based around the Boise project–The Grove Marketplace. I submitted some of your favorite suggestions to my editor. None were accepted. I sent them to my agent, none were accepted. I started over and came up with a FABULOUS title . . .

Slow Dancing At The Blue Note

(My heroine runs a bar called the Blue Note.) Well, this title wasn’t accepted either. My editor loved it, but the other powers that be had concerns it was too long, as well as too women’s fiction. Me–I write for women so I loved it.

My agent and I brainstormed song titles for Jazz songs as this book has a foundation in Jazz music. We came up with All The Things You Are–just on a fluke that it started with ALL. I grew fond of it quite quickly. We submitted it. It got turned down, but a counter suggestion was made:


At this point, I said okay. I don’t like it as well as the other two, but it will work. And, it does start with ALL.

Thank you to everyone who offered your suggestions. You are greatly appreciated!

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