What Next? Charging By The Pound?

I have just been set up by the airlines. I clicked PURCHASE on the so-so cost of some nonstop tickets–only to find out that that’s not all folks. What is going on here? I’m on three carriers and only Southwest is kind to me. They are the only ones not charging for

bags. You go, guys! I might as well name names–US Air is charging $25.00 a bag. United is charging $25.00 a bag. This on top of the ticket price. Am I the only one outraged? What’s next–will each ticket price depend on how much we weigh? Our bags weigh? $1.00 per pound of luggage and $1.00 a pound of person?


And what about the lousy meals we used to get? At least it was a hot breakfast to tide you over until you landed. Now you’re lucky to get a peanut and a water. Next up will be a charge for the peanuts.

I’m not really a complainer–trust me. I love to travel and we do so frequently. I have flown once a month this year, if not twice a month. I don’t normally make my own reservations, my husband does and I have the pleasure of going along for the ride. But this trip was a rude awakening for me. It’s very sad we have become so charge happy. I don’t charge more for my books if I think they turned out better than the last one.

If the airlines feel compelled to charge for luggage–just include it in my ticket price. I don’t want to get stiffed for more money when I’m checking in. That’s just not right.

And that’s my soap box of the day. I don’t normally whine like this, but I think it’s unfair.

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