What kind of Hero do you crave?

We saw the movie FLIGHT last night. Ohmygoodness! Loved it. Well, anything Denzel is in is fabulous, and I think this might be my favorite Denzel movie of all time. His acting was top-notch and the character he played was complex. I got to thinking about heros in romance novels.
I prefer the guys who start out imperfect, who you’d never want to get involved with because you think there just isn’t any hope for them, but with the love and encouragement of a good woman, they make a turn around.

In FLIGHT, Denzel has his own demons and I won’t give away how he processes them and what he ends up doing at the conclusion. If you could pick any type of hero to read about, do you like an imperfect man who evolves by the end? Or do you like a hero who’s got it going on from page one, and he sweeps the heroine off her feet?

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