Walk This Way

I’m pretty faithful about walking at least 2 miles a day and doing sit ups. I use a treadmill at home in a workout room with an exercise ball and weights, with a bench. When I was single, I was obsessive about Gold’s and was there at least five days a week lifting and doing a card

io. I fell in love, married, ate my way 20 lbs. heavier, then got a reality check on my cholesterol level which came in way too high. It was a sobering moment. I dropped the weight so I wouldn’t have to take any drugs. I’m such a space cadet, I have a hard enough time remembering to take a daily vitamin and fish oil–much less something that would keep my heart healthy. I opted for the old fashioned way–exercise.

As a yo-yo dieter from the age of 35 to 45, (I never gained during pregnancies or afterward) I learned something when I lost 60 pounds three years ago. The mathmatics of weight loss is simple–eat less, move more. Dr. Laura says that and she’s right. Previously, I’d joined all sorts of programs, went to meetings, measured food, etc., but when I decided to give up all fast food, diet pop and candy–something happened. I’d drop a pound here and there without even doing anything. Then I got serious and figured all that money I was saving on junk food could be spent on a trainer. I worked out for a year with Joe at Gold’s. The man was ex-military. Nothing like having a guy bark in your ear you’re a noodle if you can’t pump the iron so many reps. I was dang svelte back in those days.

These days the smell of fast food turns my stomach. Although once in a while, a Taco Bell taco surpreme beckons. I’ve given in a few times. I think I’ve had a Big Mac twice in four years. Now I’m softer and not so toned as the gym days and it’s okay. I’m not training for anything other than good health. I let the gym membership go, but manage to drag myself onto the treadmill pretty much daily. I find I feel tons better when I walk. The great thing about having a home gym is that my husband mounted a TV/DVD player on the wall for me. I’ve watched THE TUDORS Season 1, Seasons 1-4 of LOST, and I’m getting into DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES–but had to take a mini-break since THE TUDORS Season 2 arrived yesterday. I think if you have a show to look forward to, it makes you want to get out there and work out to it. At least that’s how it is for me.

Anyway . . . give walking a try. It’s good for you.

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