To Blog or Not To Blog

I had a recent meeting with my web designer extrodinaire to talk about changes we’ll make to the site for my upcoming November title, ALL THAT MATTERS. He’s great to work with–one, because he’s my stepson, but two–he’s extremely organized and anal (I hate that word, but it applies to me as well). Ryan, always prepared, had data ready for me to view–such as how many hits I get on this site, where they’re coming from, etc. So in one month, I get 3,000 hits. I was like–you’re kidding me. Nobody really posts a comment to my blog, so I kind of figured I was talking to myself. He said I have a lot of lurkers. You know who you are. :-)

If I weren’t an author, I wouldn’t blog. The only blog I read on a somewhat regular basis is my step-daughter’s because she posts cool photos and she’s funny when she writes about her kids puking or something equally amusing that our grandkids have been up to. Mostly when I blog it’s been about where I’ve traveled. (Next up, Disneyland again! I just love it there.) Some of you e-mailed me privately about when I was trying to lose weight to fit into the gold dress and you told me that was inspiring. And sometimes my husband comes home from work and tells me about customers or friends who’ve called him up to tell him, “I didn’t know you and Stef went to (fill in the blank) or you guys are up to (fill in the blank.) The folks he knows regularly read my blog. (Hi everyone!)

I’m going to try and update a bit more frequently since I do have a book coming out in November. I may try and be more “authorish” and write about writing (ha hah). Being a writer is usually one of the last things I talk about. I do like to talk about my dogs–Molly and Cocoa who turned one yesterday and I baked her a batch of Pupcakes and we lit a candle and sang her happy birthday. I also like that show Deadliest Catch. Don’t ask me why–it’s the same episode over and over. Announcer: The crab season is kicking up and the ships are taking rogue waves, it’s a fight to the finish.” I think that about sums up each episode–but it’s great entertainment to me. It’s the only show I watch on a regular basis. I don’t seem to watch much TV.

This morning I put on THE TUDORS while I walked on the treadmill. The series has started out fabulous. I think the first season on DVD could be good for a five pound weight loss.

Other than that . . .

I thought you lurkers might find it interesting to see what my office looks like right at this moment, this second, so here ya go. P.S. It is RARELY this trashed, but I’m moving data from my old computer to my new, and I’m also organizing my folders/papers in preparation to start a new book.


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