The Time Has Come

Back in my day, it was a very special moment when you got old enough for your parents to buy you your first real wrist watch. In the 1970s, watches were all metal and had spring-like bands that stretched to slide onto your wrist. I recall many moments where a watch ripped out my arm hair. Those were the days of slogans like “Timex, takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’.”

Lady Buliva was like the end all of watches for ladies.

I’m starting my early online browsing for Christmas ideas and I was looking at watches for my daughters. They’re 19 and 21–never worn watches in their lives. I once asked them why. They said what for, the time is on our cell-phone face.

So I guess that ritual of passage, where a young lady gets a nice watch is now history. Sigh. They probably wouldn’t like a Bobby Sherman album under the tree either.

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