The Math of Sex (And the City) = Weight Loss

If your mind is going one direction, take it elsewhere. I’m talking about watching DVDs on the treadmill. My hubby and I made a friendly wager over who can lose the most weight in 14 weeks. Typically, men lose faster. It’s just a fact. I do believe I might have an upper edge

as my sweetheart leans toward the Atkins method–eat bacon and eggs for breakfast. I smile and munch on my cereal–yes, loaded with carbs. But almost zero fat. Eating my style (which is a home Weight Watchers plan) helped me loose 60 pounds in one year the last time I really gave it

my best effort. Too bad some of those pounds have crept back on. I only have myself to blame.

So for the next 14 weeks, this is my plan. Watch 2 episodes of Sex and the City on the treadmill. Doing this at a 1.0 incline and a fair pace of 3.2 to 3.4, I burn 230ish calories and walk 2.5 miles. Each episode is approximately 28 minutes. That’s just under 50 minutes of walking, 5 days a week, which works out to 1,150 calories a week. I like that number better than the 230 per day which barely burns off a yogurt and a half making the exercise and semi-sweat not worth the effort. At 1,150 calories a week, that’s like one entire day of eating that I can burn off. If I eat like a rabbit.


But then there’s a small problem–I’ve seen every episode of this series several times. I could be asking for trouble and boredom. However, when watched from the beginning, one is lured back into the lives of four women who I would never want to be. Yes, I love the glitz and glamor of the show and the women, but I’m glad I’m me in Idaho, happily married. There are 98 episodes in 6 seasons. I’ve watched 7 episodes so far (I started walking over the weekend to help my arm–I have to swing it as I walk to losen it up.) That means I have 91 episodes left. I am in week 1 of the challenge. If I watch 2 episodes a day, that’s 10 episodes a week. I’m going to run out of episodes to watch in week 10. I think?

In any case, I’ll figure that out when I get to The End. In fact, I think the last disk of Season 6 is 1 hour so that would count as 2 episodes. Given that, burning 230ish calories a day, watching what I eat, should net me 10-15 pounds in 14 weeks. At least that’s my plan. If I can do that, I can fit into the carrot dangling in front of me. It’s not orange, rather gold, and it’s a fabulous Kay Unger dress I bought a size too small. Yes, I am a masochist. I knew it wouldn’t fit, but I refused to buy the size I’d need now.


I can get this dress on, but uh . . . I can’t really zip it up . . . too well. I’m half tempted to hang the dress up in front of me in our exercise room to give me motivation. In fact, I should paste a picture of it on the fridge, in my bathroom by the scale, and keep one in my purse for those times we eat out and I feel like ordering everying on the menu.

Wish me luck!

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