The Italian Olive

So last month, my husband and I spent two weeks on a cruise of the Greek and Turkish Isles, as well as a trip to Italy. We love Italy and, even more so, enjoy the food and wine. I got to stock up and eat my favorite Italian indulgence. Green olives. You just can’t get them in the states. Oh sure, we sell them, but they are pickled in a sour vat of acid, then jarred. Ugh. In Italy, you can buy them from a bin–pure and natural, pit in. Each bite is like the best olive oil. They are the most mellow and delicious olive you will ever taste.

Other foods I discovered while on vacation was the perfect, warm from the oven, Greek “cheese pie.” Talk about died and gone to heaven . . . these flakey pastries are stuffed with herbs and feta and are amazing.

Sigh. Wish I had one right now.

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