The Happiest Place On Earth

My daughters were born two years apart, to the day, 19 and 21 years ago. Having been born in California, they had a love for Disneyland at an early age. Unfortunately, we moved to Boise when they were three and five. But that hasn’t stopped us from visiting the happiest place on earth

at least once a year.


This was them at ages five and three, our last trip to Disney before we moved. Whitney had already been to Disney three times by this time, and this was Kayla’s second trip. Neither have ever shown fear at a single ride. Both begged to go on everything. It was a huge day when Kayla could go on Indiana Jones. She loved it.


I think it’s funny how Whitney, two years older, was taller as a kid, and now Kayla towers over her by four inches. This was taken last week when we went to Walt’s magical park for the fifth straight year of doing a mother-daughter trek. For the first time, in like our twenty-fifth visit, we finally stayed at the Disneyland Hotel. Well worth it.


Each year, we turn geeky and dress alike. This year we picked some pink Tink shirts and some white Minnie’s.


A couple of times, people called us triplets. LOL. We didn’t care. And I think it’s cool that my daughters are okay with their Momma and them being matching. We walk around all holding hands. It was nice to pal with my girls.

Stef’s Favorites in Disneyland – Indiana Jones, Space Mountain and Splash Mountain

Whitney’s Favorites in Disneyland – Indiana Jones, Splash Mountain, Space Mountain

Kayla’s Favorites in Disneyland – Indiana Jones, Splash Mountain, Space Mountain

Stef’s Favorites in Calfornia Adventureland – Tower of Terror, California Screamin’, Soaring over California

Whitney’s Favorites in California Adventureland – Soarin’ Over California, Tower of Terror, California Screamin’

Kayla’s Favorites in California Adventureland – Tower of Terror, California Screamin’, Soarin’ over California

The only bummer this time around was, my oldest daughter got strep throat on the trip. But we managed to forge ahead, and thankfully, she made it through the last day. But coming home, she was really, really, really sick.

Also a nice bonus was being able to visit my parents. They still live in Cali and we met them for lunch. Good times! Hopefully we can do it again next year.

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