The Dreaded Buffet

As I sit and make out my Christmas menu for 15 adults and 7 kids, I anticipate making all this yummy food for everyone. I enjoy cooking. I enjoy eating. Then I started thinking about all the good food I’ve eaten this year. Locally, our favorites have been

Gino’s (Gino–you’re da bomb and we love seeing you!), Murphy’s, Cottonwood Grille, Brick 29 (probably # 1 in our book–Dustin is the creative genius of Idaho), DaVinci’s, Chandler’s (delightful meal with the owner, Rex.) So much food, so much wine and enjoying it with friends. I love being served in a nice setting, having a glass of wine, appetizers and visiting. Made me realize just how much I don’t like buffet food and avoid it.


Food should not be served under warming lights, and on top of hot water trays. Food should especially not be served under a sneeze shield . . . and the salad spoon held by the greasy hand that had just wiped a booger from under a stuffy nose. Horrors and shudder. I call for a ban of all buffets.

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