Stop and Smell the Fall

This was my backyard at su

nrise this morning. The clouds were pink and orange. Just gorgeous over the pond with the weeping willows. The ducks were happy. How come my teeth clenched after taking the picture?

I know what fall means. Winter is coming. I hate winter.

Each fall, I rarely enjoy it becaue I know it’s only a few short months away from freezing days, dead lawns, and leaf-less trees. In spite of Thanksgiving and Christmas, I do not like this time of year. I am a sun goddess and need my heat and swimming pool. Winter gives me nothing but long days, dark mornings, freezing temps when I walk to get the mail, and snow. Ugh. I do not like snow.

Maybe I just need to bite the bullet and accept winter is coming. If I do, I can enjoy the beauty of fall. The red and yellow colors, the crispness in the air, the time for cozying up with a book. Baking. An applewood fire burning in the fireplace. I guess I need to embrace fall, but then turn my back on winter and count down the days until spring.

The blue herron doesn’t seem to have a problem with fall. This was him taking off with a frog for his breakfast.

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