Snakes . . . It had to be snakes

Remember Harrison Ford’s famous line in Indiana Jones ”I hate snakes.” Yeah, well I second that. We live on property with a pond and while it’s very pretty here, it comes with critters I don’t care to have around. My Yorkie, Cocoa, loves to hunt snakes. The garter snakes that are lured here by our half-acre pond. I always know when Cocoa has found snakes. She barks like a crazy dog and attacks. I looked up garter snakes today and they can be poisonous to small animals. Cocoa, I hope you’re listening. Stay away from the snakes.


Usually I leave the demise of the snakes to my better half. He was at work so I did it myself. I’ve always been a coward, but today when I saw that fork-tongued icky thing lunging at my Yorkie, I sliced that sucker in two. I found his buddy underneath our patio chaise lounge. And while he somewhat got away, he’s going to turn around and find out his butt is missing.

Ugh and shudder. I hate snakes!

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