Play Ball! It’s Hot and Sunny–Happy days are here again.

One of the benefits of my husband’s job is that he travels and gets to plan some pretty interesting trips. We just got back from Scottsdale, Arizona where we took a customer and his wife to some Spring Training games for the Chicago Cubs. We met up with two other couples in the same b

usiness and we had a wonderful time. It helps that I enjoy baseball. I’ve lost touch with really following it over the years–seems like deadlines prevent me from watching the October classic. But I recognized some of the players names and it was fabulous sitting in the Arizona sun,

eating a baseball hotdog and listening to the beer vendors hawk their brewskis.


On day two, I opted to stay poolside and let the fellas go to the ballgame so I could work. The weather was amazing. I sat in my bathing suit and wrote Chapter 16. So when you read it, you can picture me here.


I had Greg take my picture by FLOWERS. You don’t realize how much you miss the color and fragrance of flowers until you go somewhere and they’re in bloom. The lilacs were pretty, the grounds at our hotel (The Kierland Westin) were amazing. I’d definitely go back. In fact, we will. We figure out it would take approximately four hours in our airplane. My bags are packed!


On the weigh in front . . . I actually lost a pound on vacation. Go figure. I also cut 4″ off my hair just before the trip.

P.S. And I did not leave the alarm set at the crap of dawn for the next patron like somebody previously in our room. I wanted to kill the culprit. Grr.

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