Weeping Angel

Pocket Books | 0-671-51045-2

Frank Brody likes his women warm and willing. When he sees the starched and stiff M:iss Amelia Marshall at the other end of the railroad platform, he barely gives her a glance. But when their eyes meet, his stare puts a flush on her cheeks hotter than the sun wilting her prim apparel. Hoping to settle down and come to terms with the childhood that has haunted him, he’s bought a rundown shebang in Weeping Angel. To lure customers into the Moon Rock Saloon, Frank has ordered a parlor piano.

Alone in the world, Amelia Marshall foolishly allowed herself to be swept off her feet, then swindled, by a traveling salesman. Now the only respectable way she can think of to pay her way is to give piano lessons. She uses the last of her savings to buy a New American upright. But when only one piano arrives on the afternoon train, Amelia must compromise…never suspecting that her temporary arrangement with the disarmingly handsome Mr. Brody will lead to a passion more glorious and unpredictable than anything she had ever dared to imagine…


“Sweet and sassy, rollicking and rambunctious. Stand back and watch the sparks fly—Stef Ann Holm has come up with a winner!”
Patricia Gaffney, bestselling author of To Love & To Cherish

“This book should get 10 hearts [out of 4]!”
The Star-Ledger

“She’s done it again.”
Bell, Book & Candle

“Amelia is a delight and Frank is sexy yet vulnerable. Never a dull moment with this pair.”
Paperback Forum