King of the Pirates

Pocket Books | 0-671-79733-6

Catherine LeClerc had been rescued from peril in a Madagascar port by Danton Cristobal, King of the Pirates. She soon learned his story—that he was a Spanish Marquis stripped of his title, unfairly banished from his homeland, and sailing the seven seas on a quest to regain his honor. No humor lightened his handsome face, no happiness lit his silver-gray eyes. Everything about him was dark, deliberate, and dangerous. Except, Catherine suspected, the hidden kindness which led him to save her life and that of her child. Now, ensconced at his retreat on the exotic Isle of the Lost Souls, the beautiful young widow wondered at the twist of fate that had brought her together with an aristocrat-turned-buccaneer…to share his destiny, and to discover paradise in his arms. Though the world quaked at Danton’s name, Catherine sensed the goodness at war with his inner demons. She believed in him, yearned for him, and vowed to turn this hell-bent pirate around—with the radiant power of her love.


“For lovers of light romance this is a must.”
Jamaican Gleaner

“Ms. Holm possesses a singular ability to awaken your senses as she transports you into many exotic locales.”
Romance Times, Gail Collins

“A powerful and stunning novel that captures the hope, redemption, and love that resides in even the darkest of spirits.”
Affair De Coeur

“King of the Pirates is a fine historical romance, not just another typical bodice ripper.”
No Quarter Given