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He called himself Carrigan, a loner everyone in Genoa whispered about and feared. Living in the Sierras with only his dog and Colt revolver for company, he believed he didn’t need a woman until Helena Gray ventured up his mountain and asked to become his wife. The marriage was to be a business proposition pure and simple, with no intimacy and emotions. But there was nothing simple about what he expectedly wanted from her—on terms that came unbidden from his heart.

Determined to keep her Pony Express station after her father’s murder, Helena soon learned that a lot of people wanted her to fail. Cut off by her suppliers, she brazenly went after what she needed: Carrigan, a man whose eyes were flat and unemotional, who might trade his name for whiskey and cigarettes, and who’d surely clear out when the job was done. Only too late did she realize that taking his name wouldn’t be as impersonal as she had thought…for once in his arms, she longed to be his wife in every way.


“Ms. Holm entertains her readers with another vivid portrayal of realistic frontier life that compassionately spotlights characters struggling to overcome past hurts.”
Paperback Forum

“Stef Ann Holm has a knack for making the Old West seem as real as the present day! The perfect mix of love and intrigue!”
Annette Carney, The Literary Times

“This book and its author are highly recommended.”
Suzie Johnson, Rawhide and Lace

“Vivid imagery and a fine sense of time..”
Publisher’s Weekly

“Exceptionally fine reading”

“A terrific read! Don’t miss this!”
Belles & Beaux of Romance

“Stef Ann Holm has created a superb Western romance. Jake and Helena are well rounded characters; their suffering and joy are poignant.”
Romantic Times