Our Garden


As I’ve mentioned, I live on acreage. It’s a lot of property to take care of. My husband thinks big–just like Matt Roloff on Little People, Big World. If we do something around here, my husband knows how to do it. He’s tiling the bathroom and doing an excellent job. That’s his indoor project. He got it into his head that he was going to put in a garden. And a small garden wouldn’t do. This is him on his tractor tilling the earth and making rows. He decided to put a garden in our corral since we don’t have horses. So this garden runs the length of the arena–twice. We’re planting enough to feed the neighborhood.

I have to give my sweetheart kudos . . . he has a good heart and enjoys helping people, and I’m sure all these veggies will go to good homes. Ours included.

Real soon I’ll post a picture of the six new members of our family. Hint. They go baaaaaaa.

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