Of Note on Television . . . Not that I watch that much. :-)

So I haven’t made note of what’s on television since the ’90s when I tried to stay up on a variety of weekly shows. I got burned out on TV, found other things to do with my time. This fall, I started getting more interested in shows on TV and developed a following. Here’s a list of viewing that I plan on doing in early 2010.

January 5 – Biggest Loser (became a fan this last season)

January 12 – American Idol (Paula, no Paula, I could care less)

January 14 – Project Runway (never watched this one, but I heard it was really good)

February 2 – Lost (final season for the show–last year’s episodes were stupid, but I need to finish the series LOL)

March 16 – Breaking Bad Season 2 is released on DVD. A MUST SEE

March 2010 – Breaking Bad Season 3 airs. Not sure the date, but I have been waiting a year for this one. A phenomenal show.

April 11 – The Tudors (amazing acting and costumes)

April 13 – Glee (returns with a cast that is simply delicious–Sue Sylvester is the funniest character on television)

And that’s my line up. Got to love TiVo so I can watch the shows when I want to.

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