Nifty Fifty

So I turned 50 today. I’ve been awake for four hours. I still feel 49. The sky hasn’t fallen in yet. I guess if you go by the time I was born, I’m not officially 50 until 4:33pm–Los Angeles time. Which will be 5:33pm Boise time. In any case, it’s just another birthday. I’m now officially at the halfway point in life. I told my husband I plan on living until I’m 100. All I ask is, if I’m in a nursing home at that time, somebody better keep my chin shaved should I necessitate it.

So my fabulous husband has pulled out the stops celebrating for the old girl he married. He surprised me with a weekend getaway to Victoria, B.C. We flew to Seattle, then caught a seaplane to Victoria. This is moi co-piloting.


Victoria (and Seattle) were having a “heat wave.” Temps in the mid-80s. A tid bit sweltering with the humidity, but I’m a sun-bunny so it was cool with me. We had a lovely time walking and looking at the shops, and marveling at the fabulous floral baskets and flowers in Victoria.


Here was a restaurant with was alive with color. We took lots of photos so we could do baskets like this at our house next year.


Tonight my sweetie and I are going to dinner to celebrate. I’ll wear the beautiful diamond bracelet he got me! Then this Saturday, we’ll have a family dinner at a way cool Boise restaurant. My oldest daughter is in NYC right now so we’ll wait and do the family celebration this weekend. (And my youngest daughter takes her cosmetology boards today!) So my birthday will be drawn out for a week. Maybe at the end of it, I will feel 50.

Nahhhhhh. I’m fairly certain I’ll still act immature. (Just ask my 9 and 12 year old step-daughters and I’m sure they’ll vouch for my major geek-dom, especially when I drag them through Disneyland, running and holding their hands, anxious to get on the next ride!)

Birthday Time. 5:48pm, August 18. Spiffed up and ready for din-din at my fav restaurant.


And a beautiful gift–the 50 pink roses my husband brought home! My daughters have goodies for me and we’ll celebrate this Sat. Gee, I like this kind of birthday that spreads out for a week!


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