My Space Or Yours

So, my stepson and I were contemplating putting up a My Space page for me and we have pretty much decided not to. My daughters have My Space pages and I periodically check out what’s going on in their lives. I know a few of their friends and when I read about the stuff they’re doi

ng, it’s like, “Does your mother know?!”

From what I’ve gathered, the object of My Space is to collect as many friends as you can. I don’t know a ton of people. My two dearest friends live in Florida and DC and neither would be interested in logging on to say they’re my buddy. Locally, my lady friends are from my church. We meet Wednesday mornings for our Bible study . . . and I’m not seeing them as posters on My Space.

That leaves the readers of my books to be my “friends.” Given it’s a challenge to keep my blog updated, I’d like to propose I nix the My Space deal, and we use the blog for any comments you have. I’m going to start a comment area for “What’s On Your Mind”. I don’t care what you post. Even if it’s the fact you’ve blown your diet again (I’ll be posting my “me too” right behind you), or the washer broke, or you don’t know what to get your great nephew for Christmas. Let’s use that thread as an off-topic for any of you to air your thoughts about books and life.

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