My Husband’s Birthday

So it’s my dear husband’s birthday this Friday and I usually have fabulous ideas. But this year, so close after my “fabulous” Christmas gift ideas, I’m tapped out. I’ve gotten him a few things, but nothing to ”wow” like I try to do.

He’s mentioned wanting a dump truck. I know there are some on Craig’s List, but this would be a small feat even for me to manage to get a dump truck home to put a bow on it. And there’s just something “unromantic” about the whole thing.

I asked him what he wanted and he gave the stock, “Oh, I’m good. Just a card will do” answer. Which isn’t an answer. He’s requested I cook him a nice dinner as he said my cooking is better than the restaurants he enjoys. That was sweet of him, but it’s a no brainer to make him the fish and creme brulee that he wants.

If anyone has any great ideas, let me know.

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