My Daughter Whitney

Today my daughter has to get some dental work and she’s taking the relaxation drugs so I’ll be picking her up after she’s done. Poor kid. She’s almost 23, and she still wanted to come home to mom’s house after I get her. I have the blankie ready on the sofa, th

e Jello made, even some apple sauce. She wants to watch cable since she doesn’t have it at her apartment. A little more about Whitney is She attends BSU and is getting a psychology degree. I’m not sure how it all works, but she has to get a masters (two more years) and is eluding to going to New York City for that. Chag Ching. I better sell more books.

Whitney is a pretty cool daughter. She’s funny and has a great personality. She’s nice to her sister–they live together. (And her sister is nice to her because she’s taking her to the dentist this morning, then heading to work. I pick up.)

When my daughters moved out, it seems like I don’t have that many photos of them anymore. But I did snag this one from her Facebook. I made her the Morticia dress for Halloween. (She’s wearing a wig.) That’s her boyfriend. They were looking rather Addams. Ohhhhhhhhhh.


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