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hen I’m procrastinating writing, I peruse the Ada County website arrest mugshots. Sadly, I have found people I know on those lists. Once, the VP of my daughter’s high school for DUI. Also, several school kids my daughters’ knew who have kind of run-amuck. People that I’ve had relationships with, as well as a former girlfriend’s daughter, has shown up, too. It’s rather interesting to view the photos of those arrested for DUI . . . the bloodshot eyes are a pretty dead giveaway that someone had more than “two beers.”

Aside from the local arrest pages, I’ve viewed the famous people mugshot photos on the web. Some are frightening. The Nick Nolte one. Oy. When I lived in L.A., he once wandered into a Denny’s in Calabasas wearing his pajamas during the breakfast hour. Bummer. I always liked him as an actor–Rich Man/Poor Man. And my all time fav, Canary Row.

I’m nearing the end of my book, I only have one chapter left to write. After that, I plan on reading some novels and not just arrest records.

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