Momma Duck and Her Babies

I’ve been meaning to post a photo of Momma duck and her babies. Remember I wrote about the duck who made a nest in our front planter? She had her babies on May 23, about mid-day. Of course we were out of town, but that’s the time frame we can figure out since we returned home t

hat night and someone was at our home earlier in the day and the eggs were still there. Here are all 15 ducklings swimming away in the pond. Recently, a group of eight hens has flown back to the pond after a pretty quiet summer on the water. I don’t know what happened to all our ducks,

but now eight are back on a regular basis. They don’t seem skittish when I walk by them, or go up to the water’s edge. And that they’re all female makes me wonder if they’re the ducklings who hatched in my front yard.


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