Mom and Pop

When I moved to Boise in 1992, I was homesick for L.A. during the first ten years. Growing up in the Valley (San Fernando) was all I knew. I mean, honestly–Zuma beach, skiing at Mammoth, the river, great malls. I had it all. When my small town up here got its first Taco Bell it was like wow, hold the phone. I’ve seen big changes in Idaho and now I am happy that I’m an Idahoan. I’ve been here about 16 years.

The one thing that still makes me homesick is the fact I have zero family up here aside from my wonderful daughters. The rest of my clan is in L.A. A sister, my parents, cousins, etc. Until I married Greg, holidays up here were pretty meager–just the three of us girls.

It’s always nice when my parents can come up for a visit. They were here last week. At 75 and 86, they don’t drive up like they used to. Now they use a commercial airline. We had a nice time with them and it’s always good to see mom and pop.

Saying g’bye to the folks at the airport.

My dad knows anything there is to know about cars. He wanted to sit in my hubby’s ’69 Indianapolis Pace Car Camaro SS and pretend he was taking it for a lap around the speedway.

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