Long Live Rock and Roll!

One year for Mother’s Day, I anxiously opened the wrapped gift from my then 15 and 17 year old daughters, to discover the latest Ozzy Osbourne CD. Most mothers might have been disappointed, but I was happy to have the Oz-man for my Passat’s CD player to drive in the fast lane to


I’m a rocker at heart. Growing up in L.A., I went to the Inglewood Forum and saw some amazing acts. Back then, it was Led Zepplin all the way. And listening to tunes on the radio, it was KLOS, the one and only, bad boy heavy rock station. In Boise, we have a variety of radi

o stations. My current vice is 96.9 The Eagle, FM. It’s Bob and Tom in the morning, two guys who make me laugh out loud. When they’re done, it’s all rock and roll–from “my day.” The other day, the rumbling beat of a base guitar and keyboard solo began the intro to a song. You know it if you’re my age. That fingertip tapping rhythm, and that infectuous desire to start singing the first line as soon as it’s belted out . . . “It’s been such a long time, think I must be goin’. Time doesn’t wait for me, it just keeps on rollin’.” Yeah, that’s the one. Boston.


I have this original vinyl in my collection with all the original Aerosmith, Kansas, Styx, Emerson-Lake-and-Palmer, Foreigner, and all the other greats from the ’70s and ’80s. They just don’t make ‘em like that anymore. These were groups whose music stands up today. Their tunes are still played on the radio. It’s classic rock and roll, baby.

My 12 year old step-daughter and I were driving somewhere the other day, and she plugged in her iPod in to my car system and was singing to stuff. I didn’t know a single artist on her play list. I was like–who is that? She was into Ne-Yo, Chris Brown, Rihanna, Lil Wayne, Katy Perry. I dare any one of these artists to be around in forty years so Kieryn can sing to their tunes when she’s driving her kids to the mall. Ain’t happening, ya’ll. These guys just don’t have the rock ‘n roll in them.

Since I plan on living until I’m 100, I’ll be around to check this out for myself and see if she’s still singing to that rap beat.

Peace out. (Okay, so I do get into Usher. He’s about the only dude I like who’s doing the hip-hop stuff.)

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