It’s A Girl!

We have a new girl at our house. Her name is Cocoa (Puff). She’s a five month old Yorkie and she’s been with us about a month. She’s adapting well and likes to play with Molly, my 12 1/2 year old Beagle. My Molly dog has been a great girl . . . and I was very sad to hear she’s sick. She’s got Cushings Disease and she’s not going to last much longer. I will be heartbroken to lose her. She’s been my best friend.


Miss Molly wagging her tail and the Cocoa Puff, her sidekick.


“I didn’t mean to pee on the rug, guys.”


This is where Cocoa sleeps while I’m working. I have to remember to keep my feet still. She’s under my desk!

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