Boise has been under what’s call “inversion” for two weeks now. explains Atmospheric Inversion like this: Meteorology. a reversal in the normal temperature lapse rate, the temperature rising with increased elevation instead of falling.

So what that does is trap in the city air and keep it grounded with us folks living in Boise rather than disappating up into the sky and moving on. Boiseans call this phenomonen “inversion”. I say let’s call a spade a spade–PEOPLE! It’s SMOG. As a former L.A. girl, I know smog when I see it.

Every winter, this inversion hits and when it does, I start to go bonkers. A gray blanket lays over Boise with near zero-vibility. It’s damp and bone-chilling. The sky is thick with brownish-gray. It may rain. It may snow. It may be foggy. But blue skies–f’getaboutit. I have only seen the sun for 1 hour in the past two weeks. Enough already!

I’ll be finished with ALL THAT YOU ARE this week so I’m celebrating. I’m going to L.A. (Santa Monica Beach!) and then the following weekend Scottsdale, Arizona. It’s time to soak up some rays and start feeling human again. I’ll post photos after the events!

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