I Have A Need For Speed

I drive fast. Too fast. In fact, I think speed limits should be outlawed. I love to drive fast in L.A. More so than in Boise because I know where I’m going and I know the short-cut how to get there. I still get lost in Boise after nearly 18 years. My husband explained to me today over lunch it’s because I didn’t have driver’s training in Boise and I learned how to drive in the Valley. This could be true. He claims in Boise they test students on the street grids every 1 mile. Like, you have to know it goes Eagle Road, Cloverdale, Five Mile, Maple Grove. Don’t hold me to those last two being in the right order. I know they’re in there, just not sure which one comes first.

As I was driving Chinden today and slowing down because I know just where those cops hide around the curve when the limit drops to 35mph, I looked at my speedometer. The gage goes up to 160. My question is–how can I ever know for sure if the car will go that fast when I never have the opportunity to open her up and try it out? My guess is the car has the potential. It’s a Mercedes with a tiptronic shifter. I’m contemplating where I can smoke some pavement and let her go wide open. 4850_st0640_062

My dream before I die would be to drive the Indianapolis Pace Car on race day and let it scream across the brickyard. Now that would be cool!

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