I don’t get Costco

I went to Costco today to buy my friend a birthday gift. I knew I’d get a good price on it–so the store gets big time kudos as having some fabulous prices. Plus the clerks are all very nice. But as I rolled my cart into the check out with only a handful of items, I glanced at

carts overflowing with stuff and I wondered–what am I missing? I just don’t see the excitement of going nuts at Costco.


Mind you, I’m not dissing the place. I do shop there on occasion, but I never overdose on stuff. I don’t need 1,000 tablets of Ibuprofen. It would take me a decade to go through that, and by then, it would be expired.


I most def don’t want the body scale that moniters my every move. “STEP AWAY FROM THE CHEESECAKE, YOU FAT-SO.”


The 13 pound chub of parmesaen? It would be growing green fur long before I ate 1 pound of it.


I did notice something on Costco’s online store that I could use in the event of my untimely demise. I picked out the Argos Cherry wood casket, but would insist on the expedited delivery. I don’t want to start smelling gamey before they put me in the ground.


Costco is a great place for stocking up . . . I just wish I had a need to load up on five heads of lettuce in a shrink wrap pack . . . I like salad–but not that much.

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