How To Write A Love Letter (Without your husband killing you)

So the local newspaper, THE IDAHO STATESMAN asked me if I’d be interested in being interviewed for an article on how to write a love letter. My husband encouraged me to participate so I said sure, and was e-mailed questions. I looked at them and knew I wasn’t the expert, my husband was. I answered all the questions, but usually with stuff he’s done/written for me. The interviewer was intrigued by such a romantic guy and suggested we take our picture for the article. And thus ends my husband’s enthusiasm for me doing the article. But like a good sport, he said okay to the picture. Well, the article appeared in today’s paper and now he wants to kill me. LOL. He’s taken heat all day from it, especially in his office. Word has circulated among the industry he’s in, and he hasn’t gone anywhere today without a good ribbing.

So here he is, Mr. Romance with (the author) in today’s newspaper.

How To Write A Love Letter

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