How much is that doggy in the window?

So I came home today to a crime scene in my home.


Exhibit A. The 2 suspects. But I already know the Beagle is innocent.

Long story . . . but if my car had been fixed right, I wouldn’t have had to turn back to the Mercedes dealership (service light came on again on the way home from having the less than a year old car supposedly fixed!) and be delayed into the doggy dinner time hour.


Exhibit B. The evidence. Cocoa Puff, the Yorkie, loves my husband’s Janet Evanovich book that I bought for him. She ate the cover off of Three To Get Deadly, got scolded, and we thought that was the end of it. Silly me. I left the book out on the coffee table when I went to pick up my car.


Exhibit C. No dog chow, I’ll eat paper chow. There’s nothing left of the book. It was EVERYWHERE.



I shooed the offender outside with a stern reprimand. You’d think she would have cowered and said, “Sorry, Mom.” But no. She decided to do her new thing–walk across the pool cover and play in the water.


At least she looks a bit remorseful when I called her over. Either that, or she’s mugging for Yorkie of the Year in acting.


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