Hot Dawg and Happy New Year!

Anyone who’s been a long time subscriber of my e-mail newsletter knows that I lament the long, toasty days of summer. I am not, nor will I ever be, a winter person. I don’t like the cold and grabbing for a coat just to get the mail from the mailbox. Give me sun and surf, a glisteni

ng pool and a good book and I’m singing hot-diggity dawg!

Knowing this, my dear sweetie of a husband planned a winter getaway to Mexico for our family to celebrate the New Year. We left two days after Christmas, and surprisingly, no problems in the airports. We were the last flight

out of Denver that morning with less than a half mile visiblity and buckets of snow sifting down like sugar. When we landed in Puerto Vallarta, it seemed silly to be schlepping a coat.


We started our jaunt at a small coastal town called Rincon de Guayabitos. This is the view from a horseback ride we took.


My big hair is ridiculous. Bringing a flatener to a humid area is a waste of electricity. On the beach, many locals would ask if you wanted your hair braided like Bo Derek in the movie 10. I told my step-daughters I was going to let my hair fluff to a really puffy air-dry and then tell the lady to braid my hair. She’d probably have run screaming.

After two days, we changed hotels to Puerto Vallarta and I really enjoyed the resort feel of this Marriott. We had the top end of the eighth floor with an ocean view. I’m so glad I speak Spanish enough to be understood and I can understand enough of it to get along. All those years of growing up in la ciudad de Los Angeles paid off!


And the pool was just great. This is the view from our balcony.


A poolside sunrise.


New Year’s Eve with the sunset behind me and the beach. We went to the hotel restaurant for dinner and they supplied hats and horns. A boy about nine thought he was in charge of all the horn blowing, but he hadn’t reckoned with my step-daughters who gave him what for with horn blowing back at him across the restaurant. He finally stood up and tried to take control, but our table won the battle. Go us! Later that night, my husband and I enjoyed some of the best fireworks we’ve ever seen, stretching all the way up and down the coast of Mexico. Thank you, Gregorio, for a wonderful trip! X O

Happy New Year to everyone! Now I’m back in snowy Boise. Ah to be on that sunny beach once more!

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