Hollywood Here We Come

So I took my daughters on a quick trip to L.A. and Hollywood. My husband was out of town on business, so I planned a mini getaway. We arrived Saturday morning, got the rental car and I took LaCienga up to Beverly. My favorite bathing suit store is in the Beverly Center (among other location

s) and I got a great Michael Kors tankini for my Greece trip this summer. I’m so excited. We’ll be going to Greece and Tuscany. Then I took my girls to Melrose Avenue. Mind you–I grew up in L.A. and this is no biggie to me, but my daughters go crazy over the eclectic shop

s. We must have walked five miles down and back. We parked by Fairfax High. The weather forecast was dicey–cloudy and rain. But it held out enough for us to go into nearly every store. My girls found some really cute things. After that, I took them to our hotel in Santa Monica. W

e stayed at the LeMerigot on Ocean Avenue. Our room was so nice. I took a picture of my daughters on the balcony.


We took a walk on the beach by the Santa Monica pier and the sun came out just in time for a fabulous sunset. My oldest daughter took pictures on her camera of us on the beach and if I get the copies, I can post them. It was so great to see the ocean. I miss some things about L.A. and wish they were available in Boise. That night, I took us to the Valley where I’m from and we met Grandma and Grandpa for dinner. My daughters really wanted to see my parents. Afterward, we went to their house for dessert. My parents’ home still looks exactly as it did in 1971 when they moved into it. LOL.


The next morning at the hotel, the weather looked very stormy. We packed and headed for Hollywood! My daughters really wanted to take a Movie Star home tour. I went along with it. We got to the Kodak Theater and I parked the car. We looked around a bit, had lunch, then got on a tour. Our driver was very funny. We saw locations like the apartment where Richard Gere comes for Julie Roberts at the end of Pretty Woman. And of course the Reg Bev Wil. We saw Bob Barker’s house, the Osbourne’s old house, the home they used to film the Beverly Hillbillies, Father of the Bride, we saw Courtney Cox’s house, Jennifer Anniston’s . . . just too many to even list. My girls were snapping pictures like crazy. The driver took us to the top of Mulhulland so we could see the Hollywood sign.


The tour ran over and the driver showed us extra locations. It was fun. Afterward, we went to Grauman’s so my girls could see Marilyn Monroe’s footprints and take a picture by them. We did last minute shopping, then headed for LAX. But not without a quick trip passed the tattoo parlor that is L.A. Ink. Which is funny because the parlor is really in Hollywood.

Once we got to the airport, we were tired. When I travel with my daughters, we pack in as much as possible in our time together. We travel so well, never argue, always have a great time. I love my daughters very much and it’s so fun to hang out with them. We still hold hands and get silly. They’re the best!

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