Ho Ho Hum

So I was at the store this morning. I won’t say which one. It offers great prices, is a fav of mine, and very close to my house. I went to buy LOST Season 4 to watch on the treadmill. As I coasted down the aisles I thought–oh yeah, I need to send out Christmas cards. Actually, my husband volunteered to send them out since I’m on a deadline and I have no life until the end of January.

I found the rows of cards and I began my search. An enter aisle of cards . . . 90% said HAPPY HOLIDAYS. 10% said MERRY CHRISTMAS. I didn’t buy any. What is going on America? Why can’t we say Merry Christmas anymore? When did that became a bad thing? Back when I was a kid, we had Christmas Break, now it’s Winter Break. We have become so PC it is ridiculous.

Anyway, that’s my mini-rant for the day. Here’s a snap of our Christmas tree. Not our holiday tree, but our CHRISTMAS tree. The bells in the forefront hang over the entry door. P.S. That tree is a fourteen footer. To put the stuff on that bad-boy, hubby had to use two ladders. But worth it. So purdy!

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