Hi Ho, To Disneyland We Go

So my daughters and I made our anual trip to Disneyland again. This year we didn’t go for their birthdays in April, rather, we took a later in the year trip and combined a visit with my aunt and uncle in Arizona, then a stay with my folks in L.A., and finally onto Anaheim where my husband

and stepdaughters met us and we all enjoyed the weekend together. This was a particularly good trip for me. I miss my family and it was nice to see my aunt and uncle in Arizona. My daughters and I flew into Phoenix then rented a car and drove south to their home.

This is my Auntie Margaret.


She’s my mom’s sister. And that’s my Uncle Phil. I grew up with my aunt sometimes babysitting me and my sister and she was the funny aunt. I’ll never forget when she told me and my sister to eat our dinner. She said she wanted us to eat every bite of meat and potatoes–and pea on our plates. Well, of course we thought she was kidding around and wanted us to “pee” on our plates.

We left Arizona and flew to LAX and drove to my parents house in the Valley. Stayed there and had a great time. We paid my sister and neice a visit. She’s getting so big and she’s very outgoing and sweet! She wants to be Snow White for Halloween.

I also got to visit my cousin and her husband and son in Burbank. The next day, I drove me, my daughters and mom and dad to Redondo Beach and we saw my Aunt Geri. She was also the fun aunt when I was growing up. She was/is a great cook and she’d set the table so nice. Us kids even got candles on ours. She had three boys–all of which were crack ups to my sister and I.

As always, it was sooooo nice to be on a BEACH and sink my toes into the sand. My daughters and I stood on the pier in Redondo Beach and just enjoyed the fabulous weather!


The two days we spent at Disneyland were in the mid-80s–my kind of weather! We really had a great time! Here’s a family photo of me, my husband, my stepdaughters and my daughters. The glasses are made for 4-D and we’re in line for the Toy Story ride.

toy story

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