Four Eyes

I hate that I have to wear glasses. I’ve had them since high school for distance and night driving, but I rarely wore them. As I entered my thirties, it was a given I had to have glasses at night to drive. No getting around it. My mid-forties when I couldn’t read the aisle markers hanging down in the grocery store, I knew I was sunk. But glasses for distance were annoying since they prevented me from reading the food labels and pricing . Close up, reading products on the shelf was like looking through blurred lenses. I tried contacts–one close up contact in one eye and one distance contact in the other eye. It’s not for a person who sits at the computer. Then I got computer glasses, hated those. After turning 50 last year, I got bifocals. First time I put them on I said You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me. I didn’t think I could get used to them. Now I love them. I have bifocals in my sunglasses too.

The trouble is . . . I don’t think I look good in glasses. My eyes are set too close together and the shape of my nose is weird so the glasses slide down it and then the top part of the frame is in the crease of my eye and you can’t see my “carefully” (LOL) applied eye make up. It’s a dilemma. Vanity. Eyesight. Vanity. Eyesight. Hmm.

I went to a charity fundraiser not to long ago and I chose Vanity. I couldn’t see a darn thing clearly if it was more than five feet away. I had to have my husband lead me through the room like a seeing eye dog, but I looked good in my long ballgown without four-eyes.

If I could only make contacts work. Why do my eyes have to be so problematic. I can’t see close, I can’t see far. I can see the computer, don’t mess with that line of vision. For this combo, there is no choice but glasses.

If anyone has any nice styles, please e-mail me the link where I can take a look at them. Thanks!


These three femme fatales are looking quite dashing in their peeps.

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