Fawn and Nola–Fans Of The Day

My husband is a very romantic man. He doesn’t think so, but I’m on the receiving end and I think that flowers for no reason other than “I love you” is top notch in my book. So yesterday, he comes home with flowers and a darling winter plaque. That alone would be grea

t, but there’s a story that goes with the gifts.

My husband went to the florist to buy me pink flowers. Pink is my favorite color. He’s so sweet to think of me. Anyway, there’s a woman ahead of him and she’s placing her order. Greg, who can talk to anyone, adds to the conversation and it turns out, the woman’s name is Nola, and she loves romance novels. She mentions to my husband that she’s reading a local author and loving the book. It’s by, “Stef Ann – Something.” My husband smiles and says, “Stef Ann Holm.” Nola exclaims, “That’s right!” Greg informs her that he’s my husband. Well, Nola almost asked Greg for his autograph to prove to her friend, Fawn, that she met the author’s husband. Fawn lives locally and got Nola interested in my books.

Anyway, small world. Funny how you go into a store for one thing, and find out someone is reading your wife’s book. Greg is such a good sport about it all and he’s genuinely proud. So thanks, Greg! And thanks to Fawn and Nola for being my Fans Of the Day.


This is the darling plaque my husband bought me. It’s a snowman and snow woman and it says “You melt my heart.” So cute!


And here’s my beautiful roses.

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