Fabulously Fabulous

In a world of fabulous things, what gives me great pride are my fabulous daughters. I’m so incredibly proud of the young women they’re becoming. They’ll be nineteen and twenty-one years old in April and I’m taking them to Disneyland for their birthdays. This is

their dream come true. You’d think they’d never been, but we estimated this is probably their twenty-fifth visit to Mickey Mouse’s house. This was them last year. It’s one of my favorite photos of my fabulous daughters.


(Yeesh, the girl behind them looks like she’s going to spew.)

My daughters are already planning which Fast Passes to get first, what we’ll go on. I’ll probably be either the Tower of Terror or Indiana Jones. I vote for Screamin’ California, the upside down roller coaster. It’s a good thing none of us get motion sickness and we thrive on speed, turns, and the horrifying drop of the Terror elevator. Last time, we did Screamin’ California back-to-back three times. Just love it.

My fabulous oldest daughter works very hard at her job and attends Boise State full time. She’s studying to be a high school counselor. My fabulous youngest daughter is in cosmetology school and just got a way cool job at a new trendy store in town. When I see both of them doing so well in their lives, working and going to school, taking care of themselves in their apartment together, I’m filled with joy. I couldn’t have asked for two more fabulous girls!

As for fabulous . . . I’ve heard that word like a bazillion times this week watching my DVDs. Carrie and Mr. Big got back together. Miranda is overfeeding her cat so it won’t be hungry and eat her face off if she dies alone. Samantha meets Leonardo DiCaprio, and a ton of other guys too. Charlotte is still searching for the one to marry. Me, I put on a pound and a half. I can only hope it’s muscle from lifting weights . . . or maybe not. Even so, I hope I’m still fabulously fabulous.

As Scarlett O’Hara would say, “After all, tomorrow is another day.”

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