Evolution of the diet chicken meal

I don’t know why I buy those lean frozen diet meals. I don’t like them. They stink my microwave up like vomit. I’m not picking on any brand, but they all taste really icky. I guess I throw a few in my grocery cart for the convenience. After eating my lunch today, I kno

w why these meals are called “lean” meals. Simply put: I can’t eat the whole thing because the taste kills my appetite.


I managed to choke down most of the above for lunch, but was wondering how the chicken got so rubbery. I figure out the parts of a chicken used in these meals has to come from the top of the chicken’s calf.


From there, it’s processed and packed, turned out on to small trays in either recognizable forms or . . . not. Take the chicken hotdog. Low in fat. Questionable in content, but wrapped around wheat bread to present a lean lunch offering.


Or, in some cases, this part of the chicken is also best used to feed hearty appetites.


I think it’s safe to say, that if I continue on my diet plan eating lean meals, I will have to, at the very least, lose a pound a week. Or go completely nuts and dive into the boxes of Girl Scout cookies in my garage.

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