Duck, Duck, Goose

I’ve mentioned before that I live on a little over five acres with a half acre pond. We get a bunch of critters over here. A fox, racoons, a million squirrels, robins, kill-deer birds, doves, a blue heron, ducks and geese. For the most part, we live in harmony. That is until breedin

g season. Right now, I’ve really got a bone to pick with the geese. The ducks, about 50-100 live on the pond. They quack and cause noise, but I can live with it. The geese, on the other hand, come honking in for a landing at 5:30am and wake me up. They like to swim and honk.


I caught these two on the patio this morning. The honking culprits. I chased them away and they swam in the pond, as if they could care less I shooed them. I’m sure they’ll be back tomorrow morning with another wake up call.


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