Done, Finished, Finis! THE END

I mailed my completed 24th manuscript to my editor today. How many ways are there to celebrate?


I had a glass of wine and vacuumed the house. I’d say it was a real wild party.

I also have reason to celebrate. A while ago, I bemoaned the fact I was desperate to be able to hook my bra the “normal” way. But because of my rotator cuff surgery, it was a no go. I am happy to report . . .


. . . however, I have a long way to go. My mobility over my head is at 143 degrees and I fought for those last three. I think the standard measurement for everyone is 200 dgrees. In any case, I’ll take what progress I’ve made and will continue on. I go to physical therapy at BSU and, through the big gym windows, I watch the football players practice on the field. I can think of worse things to do while getting better.

The name of the book I just finished is ALL THAT MATTERS and it will be out November 2008. I hope you’ll watch for it. Thanks!

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