Ciao Italia – Part I

Throughout my writing career, I’ve had a propensity to write about Italian characters. I’m not sure why–I’m Swedish/Polish. Perhaps it’s because I love Italian food. This past May, I was able to travel to Italy for a romantic getaway. We had a fabulous time. The sc

enery and food were beyond description. The people were generous and kind. Loved all the olive and lemon trees. We never had a bad glass of wine, ordering the house red for, usually, less than five Euros.

Here are some photos of our trip.


This is what I call two geeks at the Trevi Fountain in Rome. The marble statue work was amazing.


This photo doesn’t do the artwork justice. This is the ceiling of the Sistene Chapel. We spent a day touring the Vatican with a fantastic American guide.


This is us in the lobby of the Hassler Hotel. It’s where “Tom and Katie” had their wedding reception. An interesting story . . . So Greg and I go to use the business suite. He was going to check e-mail and I went in to see the results of the Indy 500. There were these two guys in there. They were gi-normous in beautiful three piece suits, good-looking men of color. We were like–oops, sorry to intrude. Mind you, this room was the size of a small walk in closet! They both said no problem. So here Greg and I sit using the computer and after the fact, we asked the bellman who those distinguished guys were. One was a body guard. The other . . . the President of Cameroon!


This is the view from a restaurant called La Pergola. It’s at the Cavalieri Hilton in Rome. A reservation here should be made three months in advance. Thanks to my dear friend, Millie Criswell, for letting us know about this gem! XO


This is us on the balcony of La Pergola, having a drink before we’re seated at our table. The dessert was a work of art. A sterling silver cabinet (about 5″ tall with drawers) was delivered to us by the chef, and each drawer was filled with a bite-sized candy, cake or chocolate.


The incredibly beautiful Isle of Capri. The shopping was very exclusive and high end. We had a wonderful pizza lunch on a patio terrace and watched the street vendors below.


The geeks are back! Us on a scooter on Capri. It was a blast to “putt-putt” around the island on that scooter. We got to see one end of it to the other. Gorgeous weather. So clear and to have the warm breeze on our faces.

To be continued . . . next up, the Amalfi Coast. I could die and go to Heaven in Ravello. It’s simply the most beautiful little town. Ciao for now!

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