Call Me Howard


About a month ago, we took an end of the summer vacation

< p>to the Oregon Coast. On the drive back to Portland, we stopped at aeronautical museum, that to all of our surprise,was fabulous. There were P-51s, B-17s (I think that’s what they were called.) We got to go inside a WWII fighter plane and see where the gunner sat down below in a tiny glass space. I would have been claustrophobic. Many of the docents at the museum were WWII veterans and they explained the aircrafts. All interesting–even to my step-daughters in the 5th and 8th grades. But the highlight of the Evergreen Air Museum was when we got to the Spruce Goose. Unbelievable.

I grew up in L.A. and I’d heard about the Goose at the Queen Mary. Never got to see it. Now I had the chance to GO IN IT. We did and we were given a fantastic tour with lots of good information. And the best part–they let us go into the cockpit. My husband sat in Howard’s chair, and we took this photo. That’s not Greg’s hat–rather, a prop. But it sure did look like a hat Howard Hughes would have worn!

For those of you who follow my blog, you know my husband is a pilot (not by profession.) But he loves airplanes. So this was a big thrill for him, and for all of us. A very grand time indeed!

Has anyone else ever visited a museum that ended up being better than they expected?

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