Brr, it’s cold out there

I don’t know what part of the country you live in, but Boise is experiencing very cold weather. This morning’s temp was only eight degrees. There are icicles everywhere, even on the fenders of cars. Speaking of cars, it’s hard to keep a car clean in the winter. Road conditions throw mud and slush onto your vehicle. My car is silver so that somewhat disguises road grime, but it seems as if I’m always pulling into the carwash. I’m pretty anal about how clean I keep my car.

I think what I miss most right now is the smell of flowers and freshly cut grass. I love the way summer smells on a hot day. I miss my swimming pool, a good book and the anticipation of a BBQ’d steak with corn on the cob from the fruit stand my husband likes to frequent.

I don’t like the winter. Never have. I sure hope that Ground Hog predicts summer is around the corner . . . At this point, I’d even take a sliver of spring. My sweetheart brought home some tulips for me the other day. I got optimistically hopeful this stinky winter will almost be gone.

Is it cold or warm where you live?

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