Brad Buttons My Opinion . . .

. . . that HE is the Sexiest Man Alive. Sorry PEOPLE, you got it wrong!

So I took my daughters to a charity screening of THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON in Boise last night. The producer (Frank Marshall) and his wife live in Boise and are best known for the Jason Bourne movies. Anyway, we all got to see an advance screening of his latest–15 days before those of you who live elsewhere. LOL.

This movie was amazing! The plotline is basic yet unusual. The hero, Benjamin, is born old and each day he lives, he grows younger and younger. He meets Daisy, and each day she grows older and older. Imagine if you will, a large X in your life, and in the middle, these two finally are about the same age after being so far apart when they first meet. But beyond that, as Ben gets younger and Daisy older, the two have hurdles to overcome.

On Christmas Day when this movie is released, go and enjoy. My daughters and I loved it!

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