So I am working with a personal trainer again. About four years ago, I had one for a year. We’ll call him Mr. V. He worked at Gold’s where I religiously worked out. He helped me lose 60 pounds in a year. For the most part, I’ve kept it off. As of late, I noticed I’ve gone soft. The old drive to work out has faltered. I decided to train again.

I had my first session yesterday and it was great. I loved being back in control of my fitness, and my new trainer, Mr. X showed me something I’ve never done before. Boxing. I loved it. Jab, jab, punch. Then knee lifts to the groin. I was going to practice on my husband but he wasn’t willing to be a participant when I asked him if I could use him to demonstrate for my step-daughters. They thought I was joking when I said I’d tried boxing and I liked it.

I’m excited to continue to train and get into good shape. It’s so great for your state of mind, plus all those endomorphines you release during rigorous exercise really make a person happy. And I need happy–’cause it snowed this morning! Spring–where are you?

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