Beagles Rule!!! by Molly Run Cottontail Holm


Every year, I watch the Westminster Kennel Club and I cheer my cousins on to do well. I come from a line of Champion AKC registered Beagles, so of course, I always bay the loudest for the Beagles. My second favorites are the Bloodhounds. This year, when I was watching the heart-pounding Best In Show while gnawling on a doggy-bag, beef rib-bone from the Cheesecake Factory, I could hardly stand the suspense. As Uno took the ring, and did his thing, dancing and prancing so proud, my ears stood back and I held my breath and hoped the fans were right–He was the favorite! When the judge gave him the top prize, my tail wagged so hard, I could hardly keep my butt from wiggling.


Mr. Uno doing his Snoopy dance.


I was so happy a Beagle won, that I put on my party dress and my mom said I could have some Frosty Paws to celebrate. BEAGLES RULE!

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