Are You Calling For Ariel?

So when we were at Disneyland, we wanted to make a lunch reservation at Ariel’s Grotto in California Adventure Land. Me–I have a great head for phone numbers. I memorize them. But with the invention of cell phones and telephones where you simply hit one number and your party is

dialed, my phone number memory has been dimming.

When we were at Disney, I could have sworn I saw the reservation number as a 1-800 number. I told my husband–call and set us up for a 1:30 lunch.

We’re walking on the boardwalk past the roller coaster and he laughs and says

he’s connected to an adult hotline. He’s a big jokester and I figured he was messing with me. Then he handed me the phone. No kidding. It was a recording for hot babes and how to hook up. I realized it wasn’t an 800 number after all . . . rather, he should have dialed 714 (the Anaheim area code) then the number I gave him–which had D-I-N-E as the last four numbers.

It sucks getting old and senile. But maybe there was an Ariel on the hotline . . .


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